Discipline: Petrophysics
Level: Basic
Duration: 5 days
Instructor:Jesus Sotomayor


Petrophysics is fundamental to all aspects of the petroleum business. Principles, applications, and integration of petrophysical information for reservoir description will be discussed in depth. Through a combination of class discussion and exercises, participants will learn how to conduct competent quick-look evaluations. Using data from open hole logs, logging while drilling, and core data you will evaluate porosity, permeability, and saturation in a variety of reservoirs. Knowing how to integrate petrophysical information with other data sources will improve participants ́ ability to assess technical risk when examining hydrocarbon opportunities.


Beginners geoscientists and engineers using petrophysical data and other technical staff at all experience levels wanting a fundamental background in the petrophysical discipline.

You will learn

How to:

  • Understand and apply at a basic level the theory and operation of mayor industry tools.
  • Estimate the critical earth parameters for the estimation of hydrocarbon volumes
  • Calibrate porosity and permeability values from core and log sources for improved saturation calculations.
  • Apply basic open hole logging,
  • Understand borehole seismic, image, and LWD/MWD.
  • Analyze and Integrate log, core, geoscience, and engineering well data for welland field development projects.
  • Select petrophysical tool combinations for specific applications.
  • Assess the impact of petrophysical analyses in technical uncertainty estimatesof reservoirs


  • Critical petrophysical aspects of a field evaluation
  • Fundamental concepts of petrophysics
  • Petrophysical rock parameters
  • Depositional environment and petrophysics
  • Mudlogging use in petrophysics
  • Core analysis, acquisition, interpretation, and quality checks
  • Basic rock properties
  • Theory and basic of resistivity, radioactivity, acoustic tools
  • Quick-look techniques
  • LWD/MWD versus open hole logging
  • Assessment of rock quality using core and logs
  • Petrophysical impact and uncertainty, and tool selection
  • Use of open hole tools to other geoscience and engineering areas
  • Overview of cased hole logging and use by another geoscientist



Discipline: Petrophysics
Level: Basic
Duration: 5 days
Instructor(s): Gonzalo Ruiz, Jesus Sotomayor

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