With our experts we carry out Specialized Technical Consultancies, in person and by videoconference when necessary, as a support to the strategy defined in each one of the consultancies, attending to the interest of each company and/or professional that requests it from us.

We cover the areas of knowledge necessary for exploration studies, analysis and reservoir evaluations, recommendations for advanced studies, assessment and recommendations for field development with options for better development. We reinforce the strategies in the improvements and optimization of the fields in production, likewise, we carry out advisory services to assess and make recommendations in the evaluations and investment proposals made by collaborating companies or join venture.

Within the technological trends we offer quality control for service companies. Also, offer projects applied to the reservoir data using data mining and artificial intelligence. In addition, we improve the integral development of people and teams by applying coaching and technical mentoring techniques to projects. We act responsibly and always, we considered the current regulations regarding health, care for the environment and sustainability.

We advise on projects evaluating potential, identifying improvements, opportunities and assessing uncertainties and risks. Depending on the technical complexity of the project, we set up a multidisciplinary team for the prior analysis of the information and we set up a face-to-face and / or online meeting with the project team for direct discussion. Wegenerate a report of recommendations and improvements.

We have developed our own Code of Ethics, based on transparency, clarity, responsibility, trust and confidentiality in all projects with our clients, with the firm commitment to maintain the confidence of our clients and being aware of the importance of fulfilling the commitments acquired by our requirement to offer the highest quality in our services


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