Master of Exploration and Development of Oil and Gas Fields

E&P companies need to attract talent and offer newly graduates with the best academic records of all engineering, the opportunity to train and transform themselves to achieve the most effective and efficient performance for companies.

Our Formative Model manages to connect the Attitudes and Personal Values ​​of the students with the specific competences that they will be learning, which of course are composed with the proper programming and they are confronted with evaluations by area of ​​knowledge. Its purpose is to provide a useful and practical training for professional work attitude, taking care of the integral development of each of the students.

For this, one of the fundamental considerations that we have considered has been to choose our group of experts, according to their professional category, their way of teaching the classes and the alignment of all of them with the values ​​of renewal and continuous learning. These aspects of integration, Intelligence and Innovation, our I3, are supported by our Code of Ethics. Our permanent purpose is the careful selection of teachers considering their competence, experience and their commitment to the reality of the needs, respecting and acting with health, safety and the environment.

Educational model

It is Integration a 7-month in-class theoretical and practical training, with technological support through a self-managed intranet platform that allows the controlled diffusion of knowledge and all the assigned documentation in a modular way.

Training oriented to gain knowledge and to obtain the theoretical and practical training of the business in the operation for the exploration and development of oil and gas fields, throughout its value chain.

Our entire team of teachers works with the same educational model and the contents have been standardized to achieve the necessary accreditation.

Addressed for recent graduates and E&P professionals aware of the need to be well trained to achieve the purposes and objectives of the company they are in, because they want to be effective, managing to increase personal and professional well-being from the beginning:

  • Significant learning taught by senior trainers so that class hours are 100% effective.
  • Give you the opportunity to contribute knowledge to all classmates so that you can have a “win / win”
  • The daily evaluations that will allow evaluating the progress to be measuring the performance of learning and getting each student to progress optimally.
  • The resolution of doubts and questions that help to advance in the same direction to all the members of the class, is a team effort where each one contributes 100%.
  • You will obtain a global vision of what is the energy sector of the oil and gas industry.

Do you need more info?

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