Discipline: Soft skills

Duration: 9 hours

Instructor: Mónica Miguel García


To improve the Management by Values in Organizations to bet on the economic, social and professional success of the professionals who work in each Organization, a sustainable success over time and anchored in the transformational leadership of each professional and guided by the compass of the values according to the Zinquo Methodology and the Triaxial Model · ES of Simon L. Dolan.

To experience the only online diagnostic tool, LeadershipbyValues®, that helps to become aware of the value system of each person, of the existing and desired Organizational Culture, as well as to develop the confidence and the necessary leadership skills to be authentic leaders, with integrity and that generate results


For all people who want to know what really matters in their life putting their values into action and for professionals who want to co-lead together with their co-workers to create a successful Organizational Culture at all levels.

You will learn

  • Understand the individual behavior of people (Personal Values) and of the team (Culture) and, in turn, their relationship with the success in the implementation of strategies aimed at achieving the objectives of the organization.
  • Promote cultural transformations and manage changes consistently. Recruit and manage work teams effectively, understanding what their organizational logic is and how the different parts fit together to promote mutual understanding and diversity.
  • Manage people and leaders, understanding what criteria their decisions obey and foreseeing what their behavior will be, while identifying what value they contribute to the organization and how they can be developed to the maximum.
  • Manage work teams effectively, understanding what their organizational logic is and how the different parts that constitute it fit together so that mutual understanding is promoted and diversity prevails.
  • Analyze in detail and depth the leadership capacities of individuals and their fit on a global level so that we can guide the development of these people and their teams.



LeadershipbyValues® de Zinquo CIDV y Simon L. Dolan

Phase 1 – Personal Values

Each student will choose the values that guide him on a personal level, in 5 minutes, in a very visual way. These values determine the person’s performance preference and are a vital part of self-knowledge and the basis of the model. In this way, we have a photo of the student’s preferences at the level of personal values, which favors self-knowledge and allows us to understand how people act, what moves them and gives them energy to give the best of themselves.

Phase 2 – Organizational Culture and Desired Values

The person, first of all, identifies their perceived values, those that they are living in their day-to-day professional life and also the values that they want to be present in their organization.

The sum of the values of all the participants generates an aggregate report with the 3 models of values: individual, perceived and desired that help us to identify the predominant leadership style, the true existing organizational culture and the desired culture.

This Phase allows you to create teams of people who work in the same direction.

Phase 3 – Diagnosis of the level of Confidence

Confidence can be measured and categorized in 3 axes. With the FIA Model, each student will identify the percentage of Confidence they have in themselves and will detect which of the axes predominates and which needs to be improved.

Through 12 simple questions, we evaluate how the leader builds trust. Trust being the basis of all relationship.

Phase 4 – Leadership Skills

All students must have knowledge of the 9 leadership skills necessary to co-lead and with the DIR Model they can be visualized and measured. We identify what is the percentage of development in each skill, we detect in which it predominates and in which it can improve.

Through 45 simple questions, we evaluate how he has developed the 9 skills and in what dimension or dimensions he stands out. In 10 minutes, you have it.

Discipline: Soft skills

Duration: 9 hours

Instructor: Mónica Miguel García

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