Discipline: General

Level: Basic / Intermediate

Duration: 4 days

Instructor: Marcelo Ghiglione


The course is designed to provide a good understanding of a processes and techniques, in relation to health, safety and environment. For this scope, the course will focus the following topics:

  • Get familiar with the HSE Management Systems involved in the E&P projects.
  • Go deeper in the attitude that a young professional should reach
  • Understanding real Safety and environmental concerns on Sites and Facilities


This course is addressed to geologist, petrophysicist, reservoir and production engineers involved in Oil & Gas projects and facilities.

You will learn

Approach and practical tools (understanding Occupational health, Safety & Environment)


How to:

  • Know and understand the elements and compromises for HSE Management Systems and its implementation; know to recognize where Safety and environmental issues interact with technical and production, transportation and Oil & gas related activities.




The Health, safety and Environmental integrated Management System:


  • The ISO 14000 & ISO 45.000 Standards
  • The PDCA Cycle


HSE Policies:


  • Public Commitment
  • Health Safety and environment Policies examples. Scopes, Compromises


Documentation: The HSE Procedures and contents


  • Objectives. Responsibilities. Competence. Contractors.

Risk Evaluation / Environmental Aspects & Impacts. Identification.  Legislation.

  • Technical Integrity. Planning of Works. Management of changes. Emergency Planning. Follow-up Planning
  • Operational Control. Monitoring. Incident Reporting. Non-Compliances.
  • System Evaluation. Auditing. Performance and Sustainability Indicators.
  • The HSE Procedures (Management, common Occupational health, Safety & environment)
  • Organisation and Responsibilities
  • Training
  • Objectives
  • Management of Changes
  • Reporting
  • Incident Investigation
  • Auditing
  • Contractors Control


  • The HSE Procedures (Field)
  • Seismic impacts on topography, acquisition, and satellite tasks
  • Drilling, Intervention and wells maintenance
  • Construction
  • Production
  • Transport
  • Abandonment
  • Suppliers Control


  • Health and Safety Procedures. Risk Identification and Analysis, Emergency and contingency Plans, Permit to Work, Inspections, Maintenance Programme Control, Safe Working Practices, Simultaneous Operations, Design Modifications, Products Safety, Hygienic Controls, Occupational Health Controls, Transportation, etc.
  • Environmental Procedures. Social and Environmental Impact Assessment, Control of Emissions, Wastes, Residual waters, Soils, Decommissioning of Installations, etc.


  • Safety & Environment On Site (elements &concerns)


Occupational Health & Safety


  • Chemical products handling and storage (MSDS Systems, GHS System)
  • Accident and incident prevention
  • Occupational health
  • Safety regulation for contractors
  • Work permits (Forms, Safety tasks analysis, control)
  • Support tools (e.g. 5 S system)




  • Water and Waste water management (especially on dry or desert areas)
  • Wastes Management (Domestic, Dangerous and Petroleum wastes)
  • Vegetation & Fauna inventory and protection
  • Flares and Burn pits management (Gaseous effluents)
  • Soils protection
  • Heritage, palaeontology & archaeological patrimony identification
  • Human receptors protection
  • Erosion
  • Energy efficiency (understanding ISO 50,000 Standard, just a brief overview)
  • Sustainability
  • Environmental Restoration and Compensation actions
  • Site inventory records
  • Authorities and stakeholder’s relationship
  • Life cycle
  • Matrixes uses

Software applications:

  • Microsoft Office

Discipline: General

Level: Basic / Intermediate

Duration: 4 days

Instructor: Marcelo Ghiglione

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