Discipline: Operation Geologist
Level: Foundations
Duration: 5 days
Instructor(s): Gonzalo Ruiz, Jesus Sotomayor


At the end of this integrated course, participants will be able to contribute effectively to the preparation of planned wells and their concurrent operations during the exploration, appraisal, and development phases. All should be able to understand and prepare daily drilling reports with a full appreciation of the various subjects. Cuttings, core, logs, and well tests should be analysed, cross-correlated, and compiled to mesh with prognoses and existing data to effectively manage the impact on the field development plan. Correct procedures in tendering and contracting should be followed to minimize the duration of the operations and to maximize the quality of the operations services provided. Understanding of all operations should greatly improve the effectiveness of the well site geological operations.


All geoscientist, petroleum engineers, well engineers, and technical personnel, who while their career will attend or supervise subsurface and wellsite operations.

You will learn

How to:

  • Plan and prepare for a drilling location and for geological services
  • Make well to well correlation
  • Identify drilling operations and geological drilling hazards
  • Understand mud logging equipment
  • Calculate the lag time and advance volumes calculations
  • Understand the description of formation cuttings and their integration with drillingparameters
  • Integrate all the acquired geological and engineering data at the rig site
  • Understand and apply logging services
  • Understand well testing services
  • Evaluate drilling reports
  • Handle, process and describe cuttings and cores
  • Evaluate the impact on the field development plan
  • Prepare and compile operations reports


Course Content:

  • Petroleum geology and its systems
  • Operations geology: prospect to well planning, provision of geological services
  • Rig types and their components
  • Drilling Operations: bits, fluids, casing and cement, drilling problems and well control,directional drilling, geo-steering
  • Completing a well
  • Wellsite geology: geological sampling, sample analysis, and well stratigraphy, cutting,and core descriptions, and volumes calculations
  • Stratigraphy and structural geology: well geological prognosis,
  • Logging operations: acquisition, tools, quick look interpretation, MWD/LWD geo-steering
  • Well testing and fluids: reservoir properties, rock and fluid interaction, permeability,averaging, data gathering
  • Impact Field Development Plan
  • Tendering and contracting
  • Reporting: geological data, petrophysical data, pressure data
  • Exercises: cores, cuttings, quick look, pressure, daily drilling report



Discipline: Operation Geologist
Level: Foundations
Duration: 5 days
Instructor(s): Gonzalo Ruiz, Jesus Sotomayor

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